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Really great web site. I appreciate the effort that has been placed on educating use..
It would be helpful if the measurements were converted to inches...
What is the best gag for a starter ball or open mouth...
I have installed two ceiling hooks for non-suspension play, though they can hold 500l..
What is best for safe CBT for a starter, eg ball crushing, electrics, ball spreading,..
I bought a Vitatronic804/S but the sensations are not really erotic or enjoyable. As ..
Research and actual subjects claim that by electrically stimulating various nerves wo..
Bi-Polar 45mm Cylinder 45mm diameter electro cylinder. Is it diameter inside measure..
Why can't the measurements be in inches as well as Meters?..
Could you please indicate a way to convert the MM to INCHES?..
Hello, We've been considering a set of sounds for quite some time, but we don't want..
Would you recommend using a lube with insertable probes?..
Which accessories are best for someone new to electro stimulation?..
Are there any recommendations you could make to add the already wonderful experience ..
Is it safe to use electro clamps on the nipples?..
What is the best way of keeping my accessories hygienically clean?..
Should I be worried about infections?..
Electro Control Boxes
Re your description of the Vitatronic 804s, you say 'yes, we know it is a tens unit b..
I am looking for an e-stim control box with 12 or more channels and with a power conn..
Do all your stim units output a bi-polar waveform with small width pulses. I've read ..
hi i have seen guys on Xtube bringing themselves to orgasm without touching their coc..
Is the sensation from an electro power play unit similar to that of a TENS unit?..
What is the best attachment for use with a PT2010 for a weak pelvic floor muscle...
Can I purhase an all round starters kit?box wires and some playthings?..
Are your control boxes built for continuous and reliable use?..
What power source do the control boxes need?..
Can a number of control boxes be used together in a play situation?..
Can accessories from different suppliers and manufacturers be used and interchanged?..
Can electro stimulation be painful?..
Are there any health risks associated with electro stimulation?..
Can the sensation of electro stimulation be explained?..
Will it leave marks of a temporary or permanent nature?..
Are there any situations where electro stimulation should not be used?..
I am an experienced electro stimulation user. Does Pleasure Tec offer anything over a..
How reliable in general use are the machines?..
Can the machines be used on smooth floor surfaces like laminate floors etc?..
Do I need any type of electrical adaptor to use the machines in the UK?..
How portable are the machines?..
Are the Thunderball machines noisy in use?..
Can the Thunderball machines be used by male and females?..
How controllable are the Thunderball machines?..
I am interested in purchasing one of your cock plugs, are the stainless steel cock pl..
Violet Wands
I have been in the fetish scene for many years and consider myself to be a serious pl..
We have been advised because we have many imtimate piercings that we should not play ..
I was at a fetish party and I saw someone using a Violet Wand. It seemed to give off ..
We have an old Violet Wand kit with limited accessories. We see your kit has a pinwhe..
If I use a contact pad will I experience the feeling from the Violet Wand or wil I be..
In your Violet Wand kit, you show two different sized globes. What is the difference ..
If I bought a Violet Wand what sort of feeling could I expect and where would I start..
How does the foot pedal work on your Violet Wand?..
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