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Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain
Stainless Steel Nipple clamps on an approx. 33 cm long metal chain
£ 35.00
1 x 'Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain' order
Clamps With Rope Attachment
The adjustable toddles on the rope can be used to tension the rope and pull on the clamps.
£ 20.00
1 x 'Clamps With Rope Attachment' order
Japanese Cloverleaf Clamps
An old favourite on the Bondage scene, the Japanese or cloverleaf clamps are based on a very old building technology similar to something called the Lewis irons.
£ 15.00
1 x 'Japanese Cloverleaf Clamps' order
Large Jaw Clamps on Chain
The clamps are excellent for applying and hanging weights from. The wide jaws and fairly high tension from the spring means they wont keep slipping off even with weights added.
£ 25.00
1 x 'Large Jaw Clamps on Chain' order
Nipple Trainers
They can be a little fiddly to get on but its worth it, as with all these things the more you use them the easier they become, as the nipple is stretched they get even easier to use.
£ 35.00
1 x 'Nipple Trainers' order
Plastic Nipple Barrel Clamps
As the clamps are user adjusted the clamping pressure can be adjusted from soft to hard or tightened after the nipple has a customised to them.
£ 20.00
1 x 'Plastic Nipple Barrel Clamps' order
Spiked Nipple Collar
The spiked collar is made from surgical grade stainless steel and consists of a steel ring that fits around the nipple with a barbell to hold it in place.
£ 35.00
1 x 'Spiked Nipple Collar' order
Stainless Steel Nipple Mangles
These high quality stainless steel nipple mangles are not only an effective pair of nipple clamps they look great.
£ 35.00
1 x 'Stainless Steel Nipple Mangles' order
Steel Nipple Press
High quality pair of steel nipple press clamps with a chain connection.
£ 30.00
1 x 'Steel Nipple Press' order
Steel Nipple Pullers
This is a devious little device consisting of a steel ring that sits around the breast with a steel frame housing a nipple clamp and screwing device.
£ 50.00
1 x 'Steel Nipple Pullers' order

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