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WhiteFire Canes are a new range of specialists canes made in the UK by Pleasure-Tec using modern materials to offer the connoisseur a new approach to an old fashioned solution.

WhiteFire Long Solid Cane
It doesn't take long in a skilled pair of hands to discover the full capabilities of this cane and extract from it a warm glowing experience for your willing subject and a rewarding smile for the user.
£ 50.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Cane' order
WhiteFire Long Solid Flex
As you use the cane it takes on the shape of your subject, with each whack it moulds itself. It has a delayed reaction with your willing subject feeling a warm rush, that has been described as not unpleasant.
£ 55.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Flex' order
WhiteFire Long Solid Flex Thin
WhiteFire Long Solid Flex Thin. This cane is similar to the Long Solid Flex offering the user slightly different quality's.
£ 50.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Flex Thin' order
WhiteFire Long Solid Thin Cane
Being slightly thinner it offers a slight tinge of sting with the dull thud rather than a straight sharp whack.
£ 45.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Thin Cane' order
WhiteFire Long Solid Tint
This cane is similar in style and weight to the long solid but it just has a slight off white tint on the shaft.
£ 50.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Tint' order
WhiteFire Long Solid Transparent
The cane is available with two handle styles one in the style of a fine thread and the other in a ridgeback style. Both offer fantastic feel and comfort.
£ 50.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Solid Transparent' order
WhiteFire Long Traditional Wood Look
The clever part with this WhiteFire cane is that although the cane looks like wood it is in fact a high density laminate plastic but it has the properties and feel of wood.
£ 50.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Long Traditional Wood Look' order
WhiteFire Sensual Sting
With its pin point accuracy it is used with a repetitive combination of hard and soft taps on a fairly small but sensitive area of the body to offer a unique but sensual experience.
£ 30.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Sensual Sting' order
WhiteFire Short Solid Cane
Like its big brother the WhiteFire Long solid this cane uses ultra modern cane material but retains and adds to the traditional feel of something like the high end Kooboo or Ratan canes.
£ 35.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Short Solid Cane' order
WhiteFire Short Solid Tint
People have reported that when used in a skilled pair of hands and concentrated on an area such as the clit with gentle precise taps Orgasm has been achieved.
£ 35.00
1 x 'WhiteFire Short Solid Tint' order

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