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Vitatronic 804/S

We've played with and tested this unit and think it's probably one of the best entry level units on the market.

  • Why is it so good?

  • This is the best value 2 channel tens box we have played with, it packs a punch, has independently isolated channels that can normally only be found on more expensive machines and its simplicity of operation is second to none.

  • The Vitatronic 804/S gives you independent Intensity and Pulse rate on each channel, each channel simply controled by two dials, try messing around with buttons when your hands are all lubed up.

  • What does it matter if the channels are not independently isolated?

  • If the channels are not isolated, when you play with the unit, one channel will rob power from the other one, so your Butt plug, would simply take power from you cock ring, as the plug has more surface area contact.

    Lots of companies sell this, why buy one from you?

  • Pleasure-Tec simply modify the leads, we get rid of the 2mm plugs and use our 4mm plugs , We do this because the 2mm plugs only fit Tens type accessories, if you want to use Electro Stimulation accessories you will need 4mm plugs .
  • Simply saving you the time and hassle of having to mess around buying 2mm to 4mm Adaptors.
  • For those that possess 2mm accessories, we also supply the Vitatronic 804/S with 2 x PT204.2 4mm to 2mm adaptors.

    Supplied with 2 sets of leads with 4mm plugs and 2mm adaptors , standard 9v battery.

    Product No.: PT804/S
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    £ 70.00


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    Vitatronic 804/S
    I purchased the Vitatronic box recently with the 50mm Bi-Pol ..
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