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RopeArt Blue

Rope is such a simple thing, but the rope we have seen offered for sale is crap. The UK has a long tradition and world wide reputation for making rope. RopeArt is made exclusively for My Only Vice by a leading UK company.

Although the RopeArt may not fit the criteria of some of the traditional rope masters, traditionalists like to use hemp rope and similar. The My only vice rope offers a colour range and is aimed at a wider market.

One important factor when buying rope is that it needs to be low friction and the binding of the rope bound in such a way to help avoid trapping the skin when in use. A good quality piece of rope will last you a life time and for what it costs will bring hours of pleasure and fun both for the user and recipient.

RopeArt is available in 5, 10 and 15 metre lengths with a diameter of approx 10mm except for the pink fleck which has a diameter of approx 8mm. The rope is aesthetically pleasing and strong in use.

The art of Japanese rope bondage

If you have never practised Japanese rope bondage you may think it is difficult to do with all those difficult looking knots. The truth is however that Japanese rope bondage is relatively easy to learn as well as being fun.

Rope bondage is a very visual form of bondage with it being a combination of helplessness and visual beauty. The pressure of the rope and strategically placed knots on and around the body’s acupressure and erogenous zones can lead to the rope bondage being very erotically stimulating.

8 to 12mm diameter rope is recommended for rope bondage, with a low friction rope being required so that the effect of rope burn is diminished. Normally the shiny finished rope is to be avoided with a matt finish required for the least friction. The Japanese way of rope bondage is normally built up of many short pieces in many layers so that the pressure applied by the rope can be controlled. Sometimes when using a number of shorter lengths it can be easier to retie or tighten specific parts as they go slack or come undone rather having to remove the whole rope tie and starting again.

When using rope bondage it is important that the rope is not tied tight especially around the wrists or ankles etc and that the rope is wound around a number of times so it spreads the pressure of the rope over a larger surface area, reducing the risk of damage through reducing the body’s circulation.

Never use rope around the neck and never leave anyone unattended whilst in rope bondage. Always have a sharp pair of scissors handy so that you can cut the rope should your willing subject have a panic attack, wasp sting or feeling ill. Compare the value of human life to the cost of the rope.

Look in magazines etc for ideas and to get a feel of how other people practise rope bondage, a good book of marine knots is always a good buy. Do not attempt to suspend or similar with rope until you feel you are capable, always remember that if a person is suspended and they fall, they will be unable to protect themselves by putting there arms out or taking evasive action to prevent injuries.

With a little practise many types of bondage positions can be achieved with your willing subject put in many uncompromising positions with the rope bondage being comfortable for long periods. Don’t just practise rope bondage in the bedroom; put your willing subject in rope bondage whist in a restaurant or shopping etc.

You will find that rope bondage is great fun and very erotically stimulating, but you must realise however that you have to be careful what you do. The rope itself is not dangerous, but the risk lies in the way they are applied. My Only Vice or Pleasure-Tec bears no responsibility for misuse, damage or injury caused by the use of this rope.

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£ 10.00

Rope Length: 5m
10m (£ 18.51 )
15m (£ 27.02 )

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