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Product Returns

We at Pleasure-Tec consider our company to be an ethical company and as such would never knowingly send out a product that was sub standard or faulty and go a lot of trouble to make sure your order arrives on time and in good condition.

  • We carry out an electrical continuity tests on every electro item we sell including the items we buy from other suppliers thus ensuring it works when you get it. We also check the outputs and functionality of every Control Box before it leaves we have to do this for the simple reason of health, well being and hygiene for both us and you the customer.
  • We think you will understand that we cannot take back any item that is used intimately as we have to guarantee the item is new and unused, this would be impossible to do if we accepted things of that nature back, think about how would you feel if you were not able to guarantee that your item had been used by someone else.
  • With all the items we sell if you are not sure that what you are buying is what you want then donít buy it.
  • We think that in this day and age with ever more diseases, and not just sexually transmitted ones ever present such as MRSA, C. difficile, E.coli just to name a few (we and you) have to be more careful now than we have ever been.
  • We would also say that if you want items on a sale or return basis then we would prefer you purchased from someone else as we donít offer a sale or return service.

Control Boxes

The control boxes are a different thing and you will find that the PT2010 has a lifetime warranty, all the control boxes we sell have been tested and proved so much so that the PT2010 is the only Control Box we know of to be EMC tested to achieve a CE mark. They have also proved to be extremely robust and reliable, as they can lead quite a hard life from some of our customers especially at Fetish parties etc.

Our lifetime warranty is not transferable and you need to fill it in and send it back with the purchase details, we do not offer a warranty on second hand units such as those that may have been purchased from auction web sites. There are no user serviceable parts on any of the products we sell any signs of tampering will invalidate any warrantees

If your control box develops a fault we will always try and fix it, replace it, upgrade it, credit it or refund you your money. We always recommend you to buy Pleasure-Tec replacement leads and accessories as we have had machines returned faulty and it turned out to be shoddy leads and accessories that had been supplied elsewhere that were the problem.

We consider any item that can be used internally or directly against the skin to be an intimate product.

The Distance Selling Regulations

This applies to EU residents only. When a customer is not present during a sale, the sale is covered by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 the regulations cover distance contracts for goods and services made between suppliers and consumers. Businesses to business contracts are not covered. A distance contract is one where there has been no face to face contact between the consumer and a representative of your business, or someone acting indirectly on your behalf, such as in a showroom or a door to door sales person, up to and including the moment that the contract is concluded.

The Distance Selling Regs give you the customer 7 days cooling off period to check out the products you have purchased and to cancel the order and send them back to us if you donít like them, however your right to cancel does not apply to the following:

  • Personalised goods or goods made to a consumer's specification
  • Goods that cannot, by their nature, be returned.

The first consultation on the Distance Selling Directive states that it has concerns about the fact that health and safety considerations are not reflected in the right to return products that are of an intimate nature or have been tried, there would be health risks in re-selling these products: At last somebody with a bit of sense! With all the will in the world, I know we are all perfect upstanding, honest people but some of the policies being offered on very intimate products, as far as we are concerned, beggars belief: would you want to buy a vibrator that has been returned by another customer for what ever reason?

You will be asked to make sure that you have read and fully understand our returns policy and terms and conditions before being able to conclude your purchase online.

This returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Damaged, Broken, Unused and Unwanted Pleasure-Tec items can be sent back to Pleasure-Tec for Re-Cycling [WEEE Registration]


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