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About Pleasure-Tec

Pleasure-Tec came into being for one reason: We the people behind Pleasure-Tec use electro stimulation and have done for many years and having used and tried the machines available to us always felt they were lacking in some way.

Protoype 1

Sure its true, some were better than others and some nearly went all the way but none crossed all the Ts and dotted the Is. This is where we started playing around with the idea to build our own control box then we thought we can incorporate all the things we want from a machine.

So having a little bit of electronics knowledge we started getting the parts together and came up with a working machine then as time went on we refined it and made it look a bit more fancy.

Protoype 2

We then started to let friends and some of our fetish colleagues have a play with our machines and got some positive feedback to the point that we thought we had something worth selling and something we felt sure other people would enjoy using.

So the PT2010 came into being and Pleasure-Tec as a company.

One of the main issues we always had was the power issue. It always seemed the control boxes we had used just ran out of steam, so the PT2010 has loads of power, but its not just about power, having a load of power is one thing but being able to use it is something else so the PT2010 has both Frequency Rate and Frequency Modulation for ultimate control.

We consider ourselves to be an old fashioned company with a modern twist. We don't go for fancy gizmos, things like audio inputs and other nonsense, we prefer good old fashioned audio output like the sound of screams and moans of pleasure from the person hooked up to it!

However, that's not to say we don't have a policy to upgrade or add new machines to the Pleasure-Tec range. We are active in developing new products we can also say in all the years of playing with electro stimulation we have never felt the need for an audio connection.

Electro stimulation is quite different to playing about with a 'tens' machine, and yes, there are some very good 'tens' machine around, and yes, we sell them as they can be an inexpensive way to dabble a toe in the water before committing to the expense of something like the PT2010, but we are back to the power issue again as you find the more you play with your 'tens' the quicker you are left wanting as your tens unit is on full intensity.

You generally find also with tens units that although they have 2 sockets for 2 sets of leads they are generally single channel units, this means that if you are using both sets of leads the power is split between them and one will take power from the other. The PT2010 has 2 channels that are independent of each other.

I suppose if you think about it, if electro stimulation was so simple and easy your local pharmacy would be the place to get your equipment! What's even better is that there is some great stuff around now that plugs into the units.

Within Pleasure-Tec we have a small but dedicated team and we all like to play. We try wherever possible not to sell something that we would not use ourselves, it can be difficult as we have so much stuff.

All the products featured on our web-site have been photographed by Pleasure-Tec in our own studio using friends and colleagues who like to show off in front of the camera (media tarts).

We have tried to give you the customer as much pictorial on each product to help enable you to make a decision to buy the product you see. We felt that the majority of the generic pics doing the rounds on most web-sites are not good enough to help with the purchase as the picture and description are the only thing you have when buying from the internet.

If you feel any of the pictures of any of the items on our web-site are unclear or you are unable to see all of the item to help you with your purchase let us know and we will do it again.

All the photography is carried out by Pleasure-Tec and My Only Vice, in house using our own studio. Our in house photographer is Jenny. We would like to give a big thankyou to all the models for their help and a special thankyou to MizzDarque and SarahSlutpig, and Amykins from Immortality Photography. The bondage, sub-dom and role play scenes were all choreographed by Master Tydeus and the My Only Vice Crew.


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